College student dies after falling from shopping complex window on Brigade Road

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BENGALURU: A college student who was out with her friend, died after she slipped at fell from a second floor window at a shopping complex on Brigade Road on Saturday afternoon. The friend also sustained serious injuries while trying to save her.

Liya, the victim, and Chris Peters are second-year BCom students at a private college in the city. They had gone to 5th Avenue Shopping Complex on Brigade Road in the afternoon.

Liya and her friend were having juice when she got up to go to the washroom. However, she accidentally slipped and fell from the window, sustaining serious head injuries. She had bled heavily and died while being shifted to hospital. Chris Peter is being treated at another hospital.

The two had planned to attend a birthday party at a pub on M G Road in the evening and had left their residence in the morning to do some shopping.

The window from where Liya fell to her death

The Cubbon Park police are investigating.

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