Cobra climbs on woman resting under tree on farmland, slithers away after some time

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The cobra climbed on the woman with its hood flared.

KALABURAGI: In a spine-chilling incident, a cobra, with its hood flared, climbed on a woman who was resting under a tree at Mallabad village in Afzalpur taluk. A video of the incident has since gone viral.

Bhagamma Badawal was resting on a cot under a tree on her farmland when a cobra slithered upon her with its hood flared. The scared woman said she lay still and fervently prayed to Srishaila Mallaiah with folded hands to save her from the snake.

After some time, the cobra slithered down and made its way into the bushes, much to the relief of the woman. In the video, a calf tied nearby can be seen watching the events unfold.

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