CM Bommai launches Namma Clinics in Bengaluru, calls it ‘revolutionary step’

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BENGALURU: Terming the launch of ‘Namma Clinic’ as a revolutionary step, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Tuesday said that the state government in the first stage has re-started 438 Namma clinics in the private sector across the state and 108 in BBMP limits as people were denied of healthcare in recent years.

Along with the treatments for common ailments like cough and fever, there will also be examination and testing of blood pressure and diabetes at the clinics. He said that even the medicines will be provided free of cost.He was speaking after dedicating 108 Namma Clinics in BBMP limits in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

He said that education has been given importance and roads are improved. “By projecting a lot of development work, there is a need to improve the Bengaluru brand. Hitherto, there were doctors for counselling and now the patients can get well by availing of primary treatment,” he added.

“The telemedicine system has been arranged through which necessary treatment will be given in serious cases through teleconsultation with experts. This has further strengthened the common people’s healthcare. The promise made in last year’s budget has been fulfilled now,” he said.

Bommai said that many programs have been undertaken by the state health department last one year.

“The incumbent government is a hyper-sensitive government and the daily dialysis cycle which was 30,000 was increased to 60,000. The chemotherapy cycle was increased from 30,000 to 60,000, and 12 new centres were also opened,” said the CM.

“For senior citizens, eye testing is being conducted and the spectacles are being distributed free of cost. Special treatment is ensured for mentally challenged persons through the NIMHANS,” he added, saying that 100 Primary Health Centres have been upgraded as Community Health Centres and organ transplantation is given importance.

“Special clinics are opened for women. The government will immediately respond to sensitive issues and work towards the improvement of the health of one and all,” the CM concluded. (ANI)

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