CM Basavaraj Bommai inaugurates Vishnuvardhan Memorial in Mysuru

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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CM Basavaraj Bommai unveiled the Vishnuvardan statue.

MYSURU:  After a dispute of 12 long years over the construction of the Dr Vishnuvardan memorial, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai inaugurated the memorial on Sunday and visited the gallery. The memorial has been built on about 5 acres of land at a cost Rs 14.5 crore at Halaru village near Udbur Gate.

The CM also inaugurated a 7-foot tall monolithic stone sculpture. Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha, MLAs Nagendra, G T Devegowda, SA Ramadass, actor Bharati Vishnuvardan, actor Anirudh and others were present.
The fans of late actor Vishnuvardhan have demanded to confer Vishnuvardhan with the Karnataka Ratna award. Thousands of fans questioned the CM by holding posters, and asked if Vishnuvardhan is not a Karnataka Ratna.
After the inauguration, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai addressing the occasion said, “Vishnuvardhan’s achievements in art, adventures and cinemas are still fresh in our minds. I am here as a Vishnuvardhan fan. In the 70s, ‘Nagarahavu’ film was released. Vishnuvardhan was the hero. If anybody watched his movie, they would definitely become a fan of his. He won the hearts of many through the films”.
“He played all kinds of roles and traversed Karnataka as an adventurous lion. He acted in many languages and raised the flag of Karnataka. No matter what role he was given, he acted very well”, CM added
“Even today, Vishnuvardhan remains deep in people’s minds.Vishnuvardhan was a kind-hearted person. Humanity could be seen in his eyes and his life was one of character too”, said Bommai.
After some fans insisted on conferring late Vishnuvardhan with Karnataka Ratna, the CM reacted saying, “We will respond positively to the sentiments of the fans.We will take the decision on this soon”.
Actor Anirudh said, “This is the fruit of thirteen years of struggle and continuous effort. We are dedicating this trust for the Kannadigas. This has been built according to Vishnuvardhan’s personality, according to his desire, interest. It should become a place of worship, a model place for the country”.

Actor Bharati Vishnuvardhan also addressed the occasion. She said, “Good work can not be possible by one person, all should get united. Unity is important. Making promise is not important, fulfilling that promise is also very important”, she added
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