Class 6 student is new internet sensation after stunning back-heeled goal

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MALAPPURAM: A class 6 student of Al Anwar UP School in Areekode Kuni, Malappuram has emerged as the newest social media sensation for a back-heeled goal he scored in a football match.

Anshid and his stunning back-heeled goal are both trending big on social media currently.The student scored the viral goal in an Under-12 tournament in Chembrassery, Pandikkad.

A cross from the left wing was received by Anshid who jumped and found the back of the net with a jaw-dropping back-heeled shot, with his feet in the air.

His coach Imdad Kottaparamban shot a video of the ball screaming past the goalkeeper and bulging the net.

The video clip eventually made it to the official web page of the Indian Super League, after the coach put in on social media.

The coach shared the video on Instagram and Facebook with the caption, “The keeper didn’t see that coming.”

The video went viral within seconds of being uploaded on social media. Ministers V Sivankutty and Ahmed Devarkov also posted the video on their official Facebook pages.

The clip has, so far, logged two-and-a-half lakh views on Instagram alone. The post was flooded with high praise for the emerging football star.

On the clip of his stunning legwork making it to the ISL’s web page, a shy Anshid said he wishes to become an even better player at the professional level in future. (ANI)

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