Class 10 student jumps off building after being scolded by school teacher

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BENGALURU: A Class 10 student allegedly committed suicide after his school teacher scolded him on Tuesday. The deceased has been identified as Moin Khan, who was a student at a private school in Hegde Nagar.

Moin Khan, a Class 10 student, jumped off the school building on Tuesday.

Moin Khan had his preparatory SSLC exam on Tuesday. The teacher had allegedly scolded him for copying the answer from others during the exam. The teacher made him stay outside the class from 11 am to 1 pm. Later, the school officials realised he was missing from school and informed the parents about it. The parents searched for him everywhere until 5 pm.

In the meantime, upset over being scolded, Moin Khan jumped off the 14th floor of the RR Signature apartment building and died.

Sampigehalli Police station

A case has been registered at the Sampigehalli police station and further investigation is on.

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