Chickpet Metro station main entrance closed for installing escalators, commuters fume

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Public TV English
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The regular entrance has been closed for commuters while another entry has been opened.

BENGALURU: The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) authorities have abruptly closed the entry to the Chickpet metro station, much to the shock of commuters, while opening another entry point. Many passengers complained that there are no proper signs at the Metro station to indicate which entry is to be used.

The entrance has been closed for installation of escalators.

Lakhs of people travel on the green line every day and those going to the Chickpet station to board trains are being turned away and asked to take another entry by the security guards. The regular entry has been closed for installation of escalators and another entry next to the Chickpet main road is now kept open.

However, commuters complained that they are facing problems as white-topping work is going on along Chickpet main road and that the regular entry was more convenient.

Commuters are directed to the second entrance.

“Metro authorities should install signboards properly as commuters are not aware of the entry being closed and are being inconvenienced”, said a commuter. “I didn’t know the entry was closed. Maybe they should remove the board which indicates where the station entry is. If they put up proper signs, we can go to the other entrance directly”, said Kausalya, a student.

“The main entry is more accessible and ther other entry is a bit difficult to reach. If the complete the work on installation of the escalator soon, it will help commuters”, said another commuter. “We are facing problems because the road near the other entrance is in bad state. There is also a traffic mess there”, said Ranjitha, another commuter.

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