Chamundeshwari Hospital in Mysuru also involved in infanticides, head nurse arrested

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BENGALURU: The police investigation into the illegal abortion and foeticide cases has revealed that Infanticide and gender detection were not only being done at Matha Hospital, but also in another hospital in Mysuru.

The infanticide racket was being run at the Chamundeshwari Hospital in Mysuru too and the head nurse, Usharani, has been arrested in the case. The abortions were conducted for women on the directions of broker Puttaraju Anathi. Puttaraju used to take pregnant women to Mata Hospital and Chamundeshwari Hospital. Later, Usharani would conduct the abortions.

The police are interrogating Chamundeshwari Hospital owner Jagadish and have issued a notice to him. The police have also sought all records of Chamundeshwari Hospital.

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