Centre issues advisory against calls impersonating Dept of Telecommunications

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Public TV English
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NEW DELHI: The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) issued an advisory to citizens on Friday about calls impersonating DoT and threatening people to disconnect their mobile numbers for being involved in illegal activities.

The DoT has also issued an advisory about WhatsApp calls from foreign-origin mobile numbers, like +92, impersonating government officials and duping people.

According to an official release from the Ministry of Communications, “The DoT has issued an advisory to citizens that calls are being received by the citizens wherein callers, in the name of DoT, are threatening that all of their mobile numbers would be disconnected or their mobile numbers are being misused in some illegal activities”.

As per the release, cybercriminals, through such calls, try to threaten and steal personal information to carry out cybercrime or financial fraud. The DoT does not authorise anyone to make such calls on its behalf and has advised people to stay vigilant and not share any information on receiving such calls, it said.

The DoT has also advised citizens to report at cybercrime helpline number 1930 or www.cybercrime.gov.in in case they are already victims of cybercrime or financial fraud. Such proactive reporting helps DoT prevent the misuse of telecom resources for cyber-crime, financial frauds, etc.

“Citizens can check the mobile connections in their name at ‘Know Your Mobile Connections’ facility of the Sanchar Saathi portal and report any mobile connection not taken by them or not required”, added the release. (ANI)

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