‘Central forces will only be around till April 26…’: TMC MLA’s veiled threat to voters in North Dinajpur

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NORTH DINAJPUR (West Bengal): In a veiled threat to supporters of Opposition parties in the state, ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA Hamidur Rehman on Thursday said if the votes aren’t cast in his party’s favour, they should not complain if anything were to happen to them once the central forces leave the district, after April 26.

Addressing locals at an election rally at Chopra in North Dinajpur, Rehman said, “The supporters of the BJP, Congress and the CPI(M) are keenly awaiting the polling day in North Dinajpur. However, I wish to tell them that the central forces will only be around till April 26. Thereafter, you will fall back under our force (a veiled reference to the state police). I would urge the supporters of the Opposition parties not to waste their precious votes on the BJP, Congress and CPI(M) candidates. Do remember that the central forces will troop out of this district on April 26. Only our force will hold sway after that. They shouldn’t go complaining then if something were to happen to them (after the polling ends)”.

Daring the BJP, Congress and the Left to list out their development works in the district, he said, “If the BJP, Congress or the CPI(M) carried out any development work here, even I will stand in their support. Otherwise, I would urge the voters not to waste their precious votes on their candidates”.

Polling for the Lok Sabha in Bengal will take place across all 7 phases, starting April 19. The counting of votes has been scheduled for June 4.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the TMC won 34 seats in the state, while the BJP had to settle for just 2 seats. The CPI (M) won 2 seats, while the Congress bagged 4.

However, the BJP came up with a much-improved showing in the 2019 polls, winning 18 seats against the TMC’s 22. The Congress’s tally dropped to just 2 seats, while the Left scored a blank. (ANI)

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