Cases of robberies on the rise near Victoria Hospital and Kalasipalya

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: Cases of robberies have increased near the Victoria Hospital in Kalasipalya with citizens  complaining about chain snatching, picking of pockets and mobile theft. Recently a person, who came along with patient, was attacked by two men in broad daylight for not parting with his money. Such incidents are recurring near Victoria Hospital leading to patients and their attendants treading in fear.

Imran Pasha, a victim who suffered an injury, alleged, “Two people attacked me near the Kalasipalya bus stand for money. One of thelm held my hands back tightly while another one took all the money from my trouser pockets. They slashed me in the chest with a blade. Later, the Kalasipalya police took me to a hospital for treatment. Cases of chain snatching, mobile thefts, robbery and extortion are on the rise in these dangerous areas. The robbers extort money from caretakers of patients when they come out of the hospital to get food or buy medicines. The public must be careful in the area, especially at night. The robbers target individuals in these areas”.

Another local, Mohammed Muiz, said that picking of pockets, thefts and chain snatching cases are increasing in front of Victoria Hospital, near bus stops and Metro stations. “The robbers threaten people with knives and demand money. The police should increase the force to bring such activities under control and intensify the beats. The robbers target individuals; most of them are from northern states. The police should arrest them and ensure strict punishment”, he said.

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