Carcinogenic elements found in panipuri samples

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BENGALURU: Who doesn’t love panipuri? From children to elder citizens, everyone does. This is one of the most relished Indian street foods and it has its own fanbase.

However, experts have found chemicals in the masala used for panipuri and sweet (meetha), which may cause cancer. The Food Safety and Standards Department collected panipuri samples from 241 parts of the state, including Bengaluru, and tests revealed harmful elements in 41 samples. Panipuri vendors are using carcinogenic substances in the preparation of the masala and sweet liquid.

Food Safety and Standards Commissioner Srinivas, said, “Panipuri has become a regular food nowadays. We have collected panipuri samples from 241 parts of the state and sent them to the lab for tests. We found some harmful elements in 41 samples which are harmful for humans, including sunset yellow-1, allura red, brilliant blue, fuchsia-4R and tartrazine. If these harmful elements enter the human body, it can have ill effects on individual health. We will take further action after meeting the minister and principal secretary concerned.

Further, he said, “We collected three samples from Bengaluru Urban, 10 samples from Bengaluru Rural, 11 samples from the BBMP North, nine each from the South and East, and 8 sample from BBMP West. If panipuri is consumed once in a while, it may not have much effect on a person’s health. But daily consumption can lead to intestinal disorders, gastritis or even cancer.  We are waiting for the results of a few more samples”.

An official announcement will be made this week about a ban on using such colouring and taste-enhancing chemical elements in food items. The food safety commissioner said there is a need to create awareness among streetfood vendors against the use of such items.

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