Cambridge-based deep tech startup launches writing assistant

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NEW DELHI: Citispotter, a Cambridge-based deep tech startup, has developed an AI writing assistant keeping the needs of millions of content creators in mind.

Marketers, business professionals, customer executives, sales reps, educators, students and non-native English speakers are among those who utilise the solution to reach out to their audiences via various ways such as text, social postings, blogs, articles, press releases, or emails.

The AI engine has been trained on millions of data points to go beyond the usual grammar, spelling and clarity checks. It combines cutting-edge capabilities to analyse emotions, tone and readability to assist users in generating better content that is clear, error-free and engaging.

Current proofreading solutions are limited to correcting grammar and spelling errors. However, to produce impactful and engaging content, a writer must analyse the text at a deeper level to incorporate the right emotion and tone, ensure easy reading, check for clarity and use effective style.

For this, Citispotter created a complete solution that meets the writing requirements of content authors, gathering all crucial features in one platform and making it available to users globally.

Citispotter has been supported by the University of Cambridge (UK), Essex University (UK) and Cranfield University during the development of their AI-powered writing platform They are currently incubated at Accelerate Cambridge, Entrepreneurship Centre, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (UK).

Before releasing the platform to the public, it was tested with a group of content writers, students, and non-native English speakers. As shown among tool users, using the tool regularly enhances users’ writing talents with time. aims to help millions of content creators write better. In the coming months, they will soon roll out new features such as a paraphraser, plagiarism checker, synonyms, dictionary and a browser plugin to enable users to utilize their platform anywhere on the internet. (ANI/SRV)

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