Cake shop manager thrashed by trio over parking issue in Indiranagar

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The trio attacking the manager of the cake shop.

BENGALURU: The manager of a cake shop in Indiranagar was assaulted by a group of three men over a parking issue around 8.45 pm on Sunday. The victim, who suffered injuries in the lips and damage to his teeth, is undergoing treatment in hospital.

Shailesh Geboring, the manager of Smoor cake shop, questioned a group of people who had parked their car in front of the eatery and asked them to move it. The group had come to consume liquor at the House of Commerce on the upper floor of the same building.

One of the men holding Shailendra by the scruff of his collar.

Angered by this, the men thrashed Shailesh, threw him on the floor, kicked and punched him several times and even held him by the scruff of the collar. The entire incident was captured on CCTV camera.

The Jeevan Bima Nagar have registered a case and are on the lookout for the attackers.

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