Cab driver almost runs over another car driver on Hebbal flyover in road rage incident

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The driver of the Toyota Innova was menacing driving, almost knocking the driver of another cab.

BENGALURU: In yet another case of road rage, the driver of a cab almost ran over the driver of another car who was obstructing the cab on the Hebbal flyover. The incident occurred on November 29 and was captured on the dashcam of another vehicle.

The provocation for the road rage is not known, but the driver of the Toyota Innova cab can be seen trying to run over the driver of another car, said to be Toyota Etios. The driver of the Innova (KA 05 AL 7999) can be seen even carrying the driver of the other car on the bonnet for some distance.

A X user, Pradeep Herle (@pradeepherle) posted the videos on and tagged the city traffic police stating, “@blrcitytraffic @BlrCityPolice vehicle number KA05 AL 7999. road rage between drivers on hebbal flyover on 29th morning 8:30-9, driver raging with another possible eitos driver today morning around 8:30-8:40 on hebbal flyover,”

“there was etios parked at base of flyover coming from yelehanka towards city, further there was an Innova blked by a guy outside and the Innova guy was just pushing him using vehicle for quite a distance and later he got down and hit the other guy.. Both were yellow board cabs. There were passengers in both and I did inform the police manning the traffic a little further ahead”, he wrote.

The Hebbal traffic police replied to the post saying, “Will Take Strict Action”.

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