BWSSB digs up narrow road in Jakkur, makes life miserable for residents

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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Jakkur villagers suffering with road problem since one month.

BENGALURU: The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), which has taken up work on laying a drinking water pipeline in Jakkur, has made life miserable for residents living on a narrow road as it has been completely dug up and people cannot even walk on it.

There is no alternative road for residents to reach their houses, so motorists have to navigate carefully.

While it is common that pipelines are laid under broader roads, the BWSSB started digging a narrow road in Jakkur for the pipeline work. The roads were dug up over the last month, but the work has still not been completed.

With no alternative road, residents are almost cooped up inside their house and they expect the work to go on for another couple of months. Compounding the problem, underground pipes have been damaged and water is leaking.

Adinarayan, a resident of Jakkur, complains that BWSSB has made their lives miserable.

Adinarayana, a resident of Jakkur, said, “Actually, this work should have been done on the other double-lane road, but the board changed the plan and shifted the pipeline to this narrow road. We cannot even walk around the house as it is filled with dust. Common people are suffering every day”.

Rajanna, another resident, claimed that people of Jakkur are suffering everyday due to BWSSB water pipeline work.

Another resident, Rajanna, said, “The road leads towards Sampigehalli, and it is the main road from Jakkur to reach Yelahanka. The laying of the water pipeline began last month and people are facing problems every day. For the past month, no buses are running along the route, forcing people to walk some distance to catch them. Villagers can only use two-wheelers, there is no space to use other vehicles. What do we do if there is an emergency? Many times, vehicle riders have lost balance on this narrow road”, he added.

The residents of Jakkur have expressed their ire against the BWSSB and are wary that it may take another six months to complete the work, till which time they will be forced to put up with inconvenience.

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