Burqa-clad women abuse bus conductor, smash his phone for recording their act

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The three women abused and tried to assault the bus conductor.

HASSAN: A KSRTC bus conductor was assaulted by three burqa-clad women who also smashed his mobile phone over a trivial issue at the bus stand here on Tuesday night. Other passengers vented their anger over the conduct of the three women.

The bus, heading to Subrahmanya, was already full when the three women boarded it. The conductor then informed them that no seats are available and said they would have to wait till some other passengers disembark. When the bus started to move, the women insisted that they wanted to get off and the conductor said the bus would stop a little ahead. When they attempted to get off the moving bus, the conductor stopped it then itself.

The women smashed the conductor’s mobile phone to the ground.

Angered by this, the burqa-clad women started abusing the bus conductor in foul language and tried to assault him with a footwear. When the conductor started videographing their act, they snatched his phone and smashed it on the ground.

The conductor then called the police to lodge a complaint and the women later apologised for their behaviour but refused to replace his phone. The husband of one of the women later arrived on the scene and purchased a new phone for the conductor. Following this, the conductor decided not to lodge a complaint and the bus proceeded to Subrahmanya.

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