Bride’s family attempt to ‘kidnap’ her from wedding venue, throw chilli powder at people

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KAKINADA (East Godavari): A wedding function in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district turned chaotic as the bride’s family attempted to forcibly take her away from the venue, using chilli powder to deter those who intervened, said an official.

A video of the incident that has gained traction on social media shows Sneha, the bride, resisting her family members, including her mother, brother and cousins, as they forcefully dragged her from the venue.

According to Kadiam Circle Inspector B Thulasidhar, the incident took place in the Kadiam area, where Sneha exchanged vows with Battina Venkatanandu, the groom. However, the celebrations took a dark turn as Sneha’s family forcefully entered the venue and attempt to take her away.

Meanwhile, the groom, supported by his family and friends, thwarted the ‘kidnapping’ attempt leading one of the groom’s friends to sustain severe injuries during the ensuing commotion.

Sneha’s family now faces lots of criminal charges, including assault, attempted kidnapping, and even accusations of gold theft. The motive behind their opposition to the wedding is yet to be ascertained.

Kadiam Circle Inspector B Thulasidhar revealed that criminal charges have been officially lodged by Veerababu’s family against Sneha’s relatives and the matter is under investigation, with authorities working diligently to ensure justice prevails in this unsettling affair. (ANI)

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