BMTC pays Rs 33 lakh fine for traffic violation under 50 pc rebate offer

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BENGALURU: The management of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has paid up Rs 33 lakh in fine by availing the 50 per cent rebate from the traffic police. The fines related to 12,000 cases its drivers jumping signals in the city.

Many lives have been lost due to rash driving by BMTC drivers. In addition, the drivers also jumped signals and violated traffic laws. The traffic police have recorded 12,000 cases of signal jumping and the total fine amount has reached around Rs 1 crore. After reconciliation of cases, the BMTC management paid Rs 33 lakh under the 50 per cent discount provided by the traffic police.

To avoid traffic violations and fatal accidents, the BMTC management has decided to train all bus drivers on traffic rules and safe driving skills. In this regard, the BMTC MD held a video conference with all the depot managers and instructed that all the managers should ensure safe travel and fine-free traffic in the city.

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