BMTC, KSRTC drivers involved in increasing number of accidents, transport dept cracks whip

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BENGALURU: The Transport Department has cracked the whip on the BMTC and KSRTC over the increasing number of accidents and fatalities. So far this year, the BMTC has paid Rs 1.04 crore in penalties while the KSRTC has paid Rs 14 lakh.

Year              Fatal accidents             Non-fatal accidents
2020               22                                         49
2021                27                                         58
2022               37                                         85
2023               34                                         97

A study undertaken by the department has revealed that number of accidents involving BMTC buses have increased this year compared to the last three years, consequently leading to more deaths, mainly due to negligence by the drivers. While BMTC buses were involved in 97 accidents this year, causing 34 deaths, KSRTC buses were involved in 28 accidents which led to 10 deaths.

The BMTC drivers were also involved in more number of traffic violations at 13,917 cases while KSRTC drivers were involved in 3,347 cases of violation. The Transport Department has also directed the two transport utilities to initiate action against those drivers who are repeatedly violating traffic rules and those who are involved in accidents.

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