BMTC installs ADAS, panic buttons and cameras in buses to reduce accidents, enhance safety

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An ADAS device fixed on one of the BMTC buses.

BENGALURU: With the increasing number of accidents involving BMTC buses, the transport utility is undertaking various steps to minimise such incidents and to create a less stressful working conditions for bus drivers. Alongside, the corporation is also initiating measures to enhance safety of women passengers.

The ADAS device will alert drivers against collision.

The BMTC has installed advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on a few buses on a trial basis and the devices have been provided by chipmaker Intel. The ADAS alerts drivers to people or vehicles in front of the bus, thereby minimising the chances of collision. It will also help monitor the driver in case he is drowsy.

BMTC MD Satyavathi explains the working of the panic button to Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy.

The ADAS systems are collision avoidance technologies which alert drivers to lane departure, blind spots, etc. and provide aids such as night vision, driver alertness and adaptive cruise control.

Cameras are also being fitted in buses as part of safety measures.

The BMTC is also taking steps to enhance security for women passengers. As part of this, panic buttons have been installed in 5,000 buses in its fleet which can be used in cases of harassment or emergency situations.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy being briefed about the vehicle tracking system.

When the panic button is pressed, it gives out a loud beep and a message is sent to the BMTC traffic control centre and a Sarathi patrol team will be immediately dispatched to the location. Apart from this, the corporation is also installing cameras in the front and rear of its buses to monitor any sort of unruly behaviour.

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