BMTC a major cause of traffic jams in city

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BENGALURU: Wonder why there are traffic jams or slow-moving traffic at unlikely places in the city? The culprit seems to be the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, (BMTC) whose buses keep regularly breaking down in the middle of the road. The traffic police are having a hard time seeking the cooperation of motorists in dealing with the traffic jams.

Public TV sheds light on some of the recent cases where BMTC bus have been the cause of traffic congestion on busy road due to technical issues.

The Silicon City has already earned infamy at the national and level over its traffic mess and BMTC buses are only adding to the problem. Every day, BMTC buses keep breaking down and hinder smooth traffic flow while also being the cause of traffic jam in several instances.

On January 27, 2024, a BMTC bus broke down on Dr CV Raman Nagar Road towards IISC, which was causing traffic disruption. The Bengaluru traffic police shared information about the traffic inconvience on their ‘X’ handle, stating, “Slow-moving traffic due to BMTC bus breakdown at C V Raman road towards IISC. It will be removed shortly. Kindly co-operate”.

Another incident was reported today morning where a BMTC bus broke down near CKP Junction, leading to slow-moving traffic from Gandhi Bhavan junction towards (KK Road) Windsor Manor.

On January 27, another BMTC bus has broken down near Sirsi Circle on Mysuru Road resulting in a traffic jam. The Bengaluru Traffic Police posted a tweet requesting the cooperation from motorists for the disruption.

On January 26, a BMTC bus broke down on Old Madras Road BMP Junction due to technical fault and vehicles were moving slowly due to a traffic jam for two hours.

On January 25, a BMTC Bus breakdown near AG’s office junction towards Chalukya Circle. On January 24, a BMTC bus broke down near JP Morgan due to technical issue and traffic movement towards Ecospace was affected. Another BMTC bus broke down on Millers Road near Ayyappa temple (fFrom Chandrika junction towards Maratha Kshatriya Parishad office).

On January 22, a BMTC could be seen halted on the middle of the signal near Microland, towards UCO Bank signal.

Another BMTC bus was stranded near Thalagattapura bus stop towards the City recently.

On January 22, a BMTC bus broke down at Richmond Circle towards Mother Teresa Junction.

Breakdowns and technical issues are regularly arising in BMTC buses in one area or the other in Bengaluru. The BMTC is running old and rickety buses on the roads without proper maintenance leading to traffic jams. The city traffic police keep posting about traffic disruptions caused by BMTC buses every day, but it does not seem to have caught the attention of the transport utility authorities yet.

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