Black magic performed at teacher’s chamber in Karnatak University

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A voodoo doll and other black magic items were found in the chamber of a teacher at the Department of Ancient History and Epigraphy at Karnatak University in Dharwad.

DHARWAD: Unidentified miscreants have performed black magic in a teacher’s chamber at the Ancient History and Epigraphy of the Karnatak University here, allegedly by her detractors to get her to vacate the chamber.

Teaching Assistant Dr Rama Gundurao was on leave for a few days due to illness. When she returned to work on Friday, she found a black voodoo doll, lemons and turmeric powder on her table, believed to have been thrown from the window.

“I hadn’t been keeping well and had applied for leave 15 days ago. I was to report back for duty on December 1 and when I came to my chamber, I found a voodoo doll, lemons, turmeric and kumkum power on the table. On July 16, the chairman Prof Sangamesh Chalavadi and his son-in-law Praveen Doddamani, a guest faculty, fought with me regarding the chamber and they asked me to vacate. I suspect they may have done black magic. They have been harassing me to vacate the chamber, but I have refused. They had even assaulted me. I have brought the issue to the notice of the vice-chancellor”, Dr Rama said.

Her husband S K Melkar said, “My wife has been working in the department for the last 10 years. Chalavadi wants my wife to vacate the chamber for his son-in-law whom he has appointed illegally. He has been harassing her for the last six months. Now, they have done black magic, we suspect. The VC says he has initiated action, but nothing has been done. We will also file a complaint with the police”.

Karnatak University Vice-chancellor K B Gudasi

Vice-chancellor K B Gudasi, reacting to the issue, said, “This is an unfortunate situation. If there is a specific complaint, we can order an inquiry and we will take action as per rules. There is no question of partisanship”.

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