BJP’s downfall has begun from the state: CM Siddaramaiah

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BENGALURU: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah launched a series of attacks against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), asserting that the influence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is waning and that the decline of the BJP has initiated in Karnataka.

Speaking in the legislative council on Friday, Siddaramaiah said, “The decline of BJP has begun from Karnataka. PM Narendra Modi’s influence is diminishing. BJP’s loss in all the places, where Modi campaigned is the proof for this.”

He explained in detail about how BJP and Narendra Modi are moving away from people and becoming anti-people.

“During the Karnataka assembly elections, PM Narendra Modi visited the state 28 times. None of the previous Prime Ministers followed this trend. Governing the country used to be the priority of other Prime Ministers. They never ran around so much during elections,” he said.

“Congress has won with huge margins in the assembly elections in and around the constituencies where Modi held road shows and campaigned for BJP. Therefore you accept that Modi’s charisma is diminishing. He advised BJP not to depend on Modi, henceforth,” Siddaramaiah added.

The Chief Minister also mentioned various factors that resulted in the victory of Congress in the Karnataka election and said Congress believes in the theory that the economy will grow only if poor and middle-class people have money.

“Congress announced and implemented five guarantees. Congress believes in the theory that the economy will grow only if poor and middle-class people have money. But BJP has the mindset to take money away from people’s pockets and this has caused its defeat,” he said
Chief Minister explained the 2000-year-old harmonious tradition of Kannada soil by citing Pampa bloomed Kannada culture with the value

“Manushya Jati Tanonde Valam” – Human race is one.

“Our Constitution has imbibed the values proposed by Pampa to Basavanna. But Hitler was a dictator, who believed he, alone was the greatest. He is anti-human”, Siddaramaiah said.

While the CM was explaining how Hitler caused mass homicides due to his eccentricity, the BJP members obstructed him. Reacting to this, Siddaramaiah said, “Why are you angry, if I blame Hitler”. (ANI)

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