BJP sets out on fact-finding mission after murders of Jain monk, Yuva Brigade member

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The back-to-back murders of a Jain monk and a Yuva Brigade member have given political ammunition to the BJP.

BENGALURU: The BJP, which had been reeling under electoral loss, seems to have got fresh ammunition against the Congress government following the brutal murders of a Jain monk and a Yuva Brigade activist.

The party has now set up two fact-finding committees which will visit Chikkodi and T Narsipur and prepare a report on what actually transpired in both cases. While one team will be led by party state president Nalin Kumar Kateel, the other will be headed by national general secretary C T Ravi.

BJP national general secretary C T Ravi and others met the family of slain Venugopal Naik.

Nalin Kumar’s team includes MPs Eranna Karadi, Mangala Suresh Angadi, state general secretary Ashwathnarayan, MLA Mahesh Tenginakai and Abhay Patil, MLC Mahantesh Kavatagimath, Belagavi city district president Anil Benake, Chikkodi district president Dr Rajesh Nerli, Belagavi Rural district president Sanjay Patil and party spokesperson M B Jirli.

On the other hand, C T Ravi’s team includes MP Pratap Simha, MLAs Dr C N Ashwath Narayan, Srivathsa, former MLAs N Mahesh, Pritam Gowda, former MLC Prof. Mallikarjun, leader Appanna, division in-charge Y V Ravishankar and Mysuru Rural district president Mangala Somashekar.

C T Ravi said Venugopal’s murder seems to be premeditated.

On Tuesday, C T Ravi and others called on the family of Yuva Brigade volunteer Venugopal Naik, who was murdered in T Narsipur, and offered their condolences. Later, C T Ravi said, “The family of Venugopal and some local volunteers of the Yuva Brigade have shared some information with us. We also spoke to the organisers of the Hanuma Jayanti procession. This seems to be a premeditated murder. The post mortem report reveals that Venugopal sustained more than 30 stab wounds”.

“A detailed investigation will reveal the forces behind the attackers and the conspiracy. Even the Jain monk’s murder was brutal. After the Congress assumed power, about 16 such incidents have come to our attention” he said.

Nalin Kumar Kateel and others offering tributes at the samadhi of the Jain monk.

The team headed by Kateel visited the Nandi Parvata Ashram at Hirekodi and inquired with the ashram staff about the murder of the Jan monk 108 Acharya Kamakumara Nandi Maharaj. Later, speaking to the media, Kateel said, “Our team visited the ashram to find out what really transpired. The murder of the 108 Acharya Kamakumara Nandi Maharaj is condemnable and the accused should be awarded the strictest punishment. We demand that such incidents shouldn’t recur in the state.

“The police have arrested two people, but when you look at the whole incident, it is bound to raise doubts, given the manner in which the murder was carried out. The body was chopped and the parts dumped into a borewell 30 km away. Attempts have been made to destroy evidence. Questions are being raised whether only two people can carry out such an act. The police claim that the murder was a fallout of a financial dispute, but a deeper investigation is required”.

Nalin Kumar Kateel speaking to the ashram staff.

“Our previous government handed over the Harsha and Praveen Nettaru murder cases to the NIA so that the forces behind them can be exposed, not because we did not trust the state police. In fact, we took them into confidence and only then handed over the cases to the NIA. It is the government’s responsibility to clear all doubts in the minds of the Jain monk’s disciples. There should be no atmosphere of fear. When there is suspicion, it is difficult to get justice. We will collect all details and make our report public through the media”, he said.

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