BJP rebel Eshwarappa to file nomination as independent candidate from Shivamogga

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Rebel BJP leader K S Eshwarappa took out a huge procession while proceeding to file his nomination as an independent candidate.

SHIVAMOGGA: Rebel Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader K S Eshwarappa, who was enraged over B Y Raghavendra, the son of former Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, contesting the polls from Shimoga Lok Sabha constituency, filed his nomination as an Independent candidate from the same constitiency defying the party command.

“Today, I am filing my nominations. I have prayed at the temple for the welfare of the common people so that I win in the elections. People have given their blessings…I have to fight the elections as an Independent and win. That is my interest”, Eshwarappa said ahead of filing his nominations.

Eshwarappa spoke to reporters before proceeding to file his nomination.

“I am filing my nomination as an Independent from the Shimoga Lok Sabha constituency. I thank all the voters, from all communities, who have come out in my support today, which is beyond expectation. I don’t know how I will repay them, I will worship the voters. I am sure I will win on June 4”, he asserted.

Speaking about his previous discussion held with the BJP high command in Delhi, the former Deputy Chief Minister said, “All negotiations are over. There will be a direct contest now…All leaders and workers are with me. People are also with me. If I win, I will go to PM Narendra Modi”.

Eshwarappa and his family members first visited a temple before proceeding to file his nomination.

Speaking on the Prime Minister’s vision against dynasticism in political parties, Eshwarappa attacked PM Modi for fielding B S Yediyurappa’s son B Y Raghavendra, from Shimoga. “…PM Narendra Modi is saying that a party should not be in the hands of a family, but in Karnataka, B S Yediyurappa’s son is BJP state president and another son wants to contest as an MP. I am contesting against it”, Eshwarappa said.

Criticisinng the party over the exit of several leaders from the state BJP, Eshwarappa said, “Secondly, C T Ravi, Anantkumar Hegde, Nalin Kumar Kateel, Pratap Simha, all ‘Hindutvavadi’ leaders, have been thrown out. I am doing this so that ‘Hindutvavadi’ gets the place. Workers in Karnataka are angry with BJP leaders…”

Eshwarappa’s son K E Kantesh was seeking a ticket from the Haveri-Gadag Lok Sabha constituency, but was not given the ticket by the BJP high command. Kantesh said that his father’s decision to go against the party line is not against Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the high command, but against family politics and the Yediyurappa family.

“It’s not against the party, or Modi. It’s against the family politics. It’s against the Yediyurappa family. We have to save the BJP in Karnataka. And my father is doing that. My father’s vote will be the first vote for PM Modi in the 2024 election”, Kantesh said.

“Many ‘Hindutvavadi’ leaders have been side-lined by them,” he further asserted. Speaking about the performance of his father from Shivamogga he said, “My father will win from here and B Y Raghavendra (BJP’s candidate) will come third…”

On being declined the Haveri Lok Sabha seat by his party, Kantesh said, “He (state BJP chief BY Vijayendra) does not want to encourage OBC youth. He does not want to encourage the Kuruba people. I am the only Kuruba leader who asked for a ticket from Haveri. You can ask BS Yediyurappa and Vijayendra why they did not give me a ticket’.’

Earlier this month, Eshwarappa had returned empty-handed after he failed to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi. Following this, Eshwarappa reiterated that he is going to contest against Raghavendra in Shivamogga as he had announced earlier.

Setting a condition, he said state BJP president B Y Vijayendra must be removed from the post and only then he will agree to withdraw his decision not to contest in Shivamogga. Attacking Yediyurappa and family, he said, “One family holding powers of state BJP is hurting the sentiments of Hindu karyakarthas and BJP workers”.

Earlier, ahead of the seeking the meeting with Amit Shah, Eshwarappa had made it clear that he would not change his decision to contest the election unless the state BJP president Vijayendra is replaced before the polls. Eshwarappa said his fight is against the control of the BJP in the state “by one family”.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to say that Congress has a family culture. Similarly, the BJP is in the hands of one family in the state. The party should be freed from that family. Party workers are hurt. I will compete and contest to relieve the pain of workers,” he said.

He said the work of those who fought for Hindutva ideology and the organization should be respected. “I’m contesting to fix the mess. I will not step back from the decision, I will pay my respects to you and come to Delhi”, the BJP leader said. Eshwarappa said his son had told him that even if he does not get a political future, “the party should be cleansed”.

Voting for Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka will be held in two phases on April 26 and May 7 for 28 constituencies. Shivamogga will go to the polls on May 7. (ANI)

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