BJP, JDS must protest against Centre over fuel price hike, says Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

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BENGALURU: Hitting out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Janata Dal (Secular) (JDS), Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday said that they must direct their protests towards the Central government over the rising fuel prices.

“Today BJP and JDS are protesting as petrol and diesel prices have increased (in Karnataka). But, they don’t have to protest against the state government. They must protest against the Centre,” stated Siddaramaiah.

“After Narendra Modi became PM, petrol prices increased from Rs. 72.26 to Rs. 104 and diesel prices increased from Rs. 57.72 to Rs. 92. When in the international market crude oil prices decreased, PM Modi’s government increased the prices,” the CM stated.

Meanwhile, State BJP President BY Vijayendra criticized the Congress government, particularly Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, over the recent increase in petrol and diesel prices in Karnataka stating that mismanagement and corruption under the current Congress administration have severely impacted the state’s financial health.

Vijayendra further criticized the decision to hike fuel prices, arguing it will have widespread negative effects on the people of the state.

He also announced that the BJP is staging protests across the state in response to the price hike and urged the Chief Minister to reverse the decision.

“The BJP is protesting against the decision of the Congress government and we are protesting across the state today. We urge the Chief Minister of Karnataka to roll back its decision,” the BJP state president said.


Earlier, Siddaramaiah said on Sunday that the government remains committed to keeping fuel prices reasonable for their citizens and said despite the VAT hike, diesel prices in Karnataka are still lower than in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

“The Government of Karnataka has increased VAT on petrol to 29.84 percent and on diesel to 18.44 per cent. Even after this hike, our state’s taxes on fuel remain lower than most South Indian states and similar economy-sized states like Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, the VAT on petrol is 25 per cent plus Rs 5.12 additional tax, and on diesel, it is 21 percent. Karnataka’s revised rates are still more affordable,” CM Siddaramaiah told reporters here.”

Despite the VAT hike, diesel prices in Karnataka are still lower than in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. We remain committed to keeping fuel prices reasonable for our citizens. The then double-engine BJP government collaborated to divert Karnataka’s resources to other states. The state BJP govt (previous) kept reducing VAT on petrol and diesel while the Central govt increased its taxes,” CM added. (ANI)

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