BJP government only looting people’s money, there’s no development: Priyanka Gandhi

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MANDYA: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday said the incumbent government is only looting people’s money and added that no development works have taken place. “The people of Karnataka are hardworking and well educated, but the BJP government is looting our people. This government was not formed democratically, but by buying MLAs. The result of this is for everyone to see. Prices of all commodities have increased and people are suffering. All your hard-earned money is wasted due to the negligence of the government”.

Addressing a party convention in Mandya, Priyanka Gandhi, while referring to the suicide of contractor Santhosh Patil, said, “A person wrote a letter to Modi regarding harassment over commission, but Modi did not give any reply. Crores of money were found in another MLA’s house, but no action has been taken. Many industries, IT companies have closed down and Modi has sold them to a handful of industrialists who are close to him”.

Priayanka further said, “The Congress had given numerous welfare schemes including Anna Bhagya, Ksheera Bhagya, Indira Canteens. We have already announced some promises and all of them will be fulfilled by our government”. Speaking on the Nandini milk row, she said, “We will save Nandini in Karnataka and will strengthen KMF”.

She was lauded Congress plans during campaign, “Financial assistance for anganawadi workers, establishing a separate cooperative society for farmers and allocation of Rs 500 crore for their development, implementation of irrigation projects, raising incentive to Rs 7 per litre of milk, Rs 50,ooo subsidized loan for milk producers and Rs 3,000 crore grant for the poor and civic workers have been announced in our manifesto”, she added.

Actor and former MP Ramya started her campaign on Tuesday along with Priyanka Gandhi in Mandya. Addressing the Congress convention, Ramya sought support for Congress candidates and requested people to ensure their victory in the upcoming elections.

Earlier, Ramya, who was responding to media queries on not attending the last rites of late actor ‘Rebel Star’ Ambareesh and subsequently being trolled on social media for it, said, she had undergone surgery for removal of a tumour from her leg. “I don’t have a habit of expressing my grief in public. Others will express their pain in front of camera”, she remarked.

“I grew up independently since childhood. Whatever it is, I will speak about works and not about personal issues. So, rumours are being spread. I was very upset with some people who created a misunderstanding about my absence during Ambareesh’s final rites. I have gone through difficult times after the tumour was detected. I don’t like to gain sympathy by sharing my personal problems”, Ramya said.

Ramya also said, “I will going to different districts as a star campaigner including Mysuru, Varuna, Nanjangud, Hubbalili, Vijayapura and Bengaluru, but I can’t go to all 224 constituencies. Today is the first time I have come to campaign. All the Congress candidates are strong”.

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