BJP accuses Congress govt of appeasement, says state property handed over to minorities

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BENGALURU: Leader of Opposition in Karnataka Assembly R Ashoka on Thursday alleged that the Karnataka government is giving the animal husbandry property in Bengaluru to minorities in a bid to appease them and termed it a “big scandal”.

“The goverment of Siddaramaiah, they are giving the animal husbandry property in Bengaluru, which is worth more than Rs 500 crore to minorities because minorities are more. It is a big scandal. The BJP will protest inside and outside Vidhana Soudha”.

In post on X, the Opposition leader in the Assembly, asked what was the necessity of closing down the government veterinary clinic that treats cattle and giving it to minorities.

“Land Jihad of Congress Government, CM @siddaramaiah you dare to give two acres of valuable animal husbandry land in the heart of Bengaluru city to Muslims. What was the necessity of closing down the government veterinary clinic that treats cattle and giving it to Muslims? That clinic is not set up only for cattle. The treatment of other domestic animals was also established. We will not let the land in the heart of the city, worth more than five hundred crores, be handed over”, he posted on X.

He further asked “Can this move by Congress Govt be called Land Jihad by @INCKarnataka government? Ashoka further suggested that state government that if the government wants to please minorities they can buy or purchase land and give it to them. “Why take land dedicated to animal husbandry department. Where should the pet or domesticated animals of that area go?” he added.

Meanwhile, amid the ongoing row over alleged ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans outside Karnataka Assembly, BJP MLAs staged a protest in Vidhana Soudha demanding action on the incident.

Slogans including, ‘Down, down Congress government, ‘Spineless governmenrt is not capable to take action’, ‘We want justice’, ‘Arrest the culprit’, ‘Down down government’, were raised by the BJP MLAs in the Assembly.

Ashoka said that today in Karnataka emergency and dictatorship has been brought to Vidhana Soudha. “Indira Gandhi then brought emergency in 1975 and now they brought this here,” he added.

“What we are demanding is don’t make Vidhana Soudh Pakistan agents spot or pro-Pakistan slogan raisers. They are brining censored videos to prove themselves right. They haven’t taken action against those who raised slogans. We are protesting for nation and to keep our nationality safe. Dignity of the nation is degraded and Home Minister also admitted that they are bens asked about what happened”, he added.

Responding to the protest, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the government has sent the voice report to FSL and action will be taken after the report is received. “As I have told you already government is committed, we’ll not spare any person once the report come. We have given it for FSL. We’ll take action once report comes”, the CM said.

Congress’ Rajya Sabha arty’s MP-elect Syed Naseer Hussain on Wednesday dismissed the BJP’s allegation that his supporters raised pro-Pakistan slogans at Vidhana Soudha. “I can understand the frustration of the BJP. They have lost badly despite both parties (BJP-JDS) coming together and trying every trick in the book to get an extra Rajya Sabha seat from Karnataka,” Hussain said. “The supporters were sloganeering ‘Naseer Sahab Zindabad, Naseer Khan Zindabad, Naseer Khan Zindabad’,” he added.

Meanwhile, the BJP MLAs held a ‘Raj Bhavan Chalo’ march from Vidhana Soudha againt the state govt over various state issues, specially on the Budget.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presented the state budget at the assembly on February 16, in which he allocated funds for fee reiumbursement of minority students, Rs 100 crore for the development of Waqf properties. (ANI)

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