Bengaluru witnessed 7 murders linked to live-in partners in the last 8 months

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BENGALURU: While the country is still reeling under the shock of the Mira Road murder in Mumbai, where a 56-year-old man chopped his live-in partner to pieces and cooked parts of it, and also the Shradha Walkar case, data from the police reveals a shocking seven cases of murders involving live-in partners in the last eight months in Bengaluru.

In the first case, a man stabbed his live-in partner to death with a knife on her birthday.  The accused is Nadeep Pasha, and the victim is Kousar. Both were in a live-in relationship. One that day, the woman got into a quarrel with Pasha over gifting her a silver chain on her birthday, which ended in her murder. A case was registered at the Ashoknagar police station.

In the second incident, a man stabbed another man multiple times and killed him for allegedly having an affair with his girlfriend. The incident took place within the Amruthahalli police station limits. The accused Victor killed Sulaiman for allegedly being friends with his girlfriend.

In the third incident, Arun Kumar, along with his accomplices, killed Srikanth after coming to know that the latter used to call his girlfriend often.

Arun’s girlfriend was formerly in a relationship with Srikanth and was living with him. Later, she quarrelled with Srikanth and started living with Arun. But, Srikanth used to call her quite often even after she separated from him. After coming to know of this, Arun killed him. The incident was reported in Jnana Bharati police limits and later, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) officials arrested Arun.

In the fourth incident, a man killed his live-partner after being pressured to marry her. The case was reported under Parappana Agrahara police limits. Prashant and Sunita had been living together for several years. Sunita proposed marriage and put pressure on him. Irked by this, Prashant quarrelled with Sunita and strangled her.

In the fifth case, Santosh killed his live-in partner Krishnakumari, who hailed from Nepal. The two had been living together for some years. Santosh always suspected her character and they quarrelled often. He beat her with an iron rod resulting in her death. The case was registered at Ramamurthy Nagar police station.

In another recent case, Arpit, a techie killed his girlfriend Akanksha after smothering her. Akanksha hailed from Telangana and Arpit from Delhi. The incident was reported under Jeevan Bima Nagar police .

In yet another such case, a man stabbed his wife multiple times suspecting her of having an extramarital affair. The Basaveshwaranagar police arrested Ayyappa while the victim was his wife Nagaratna. Ayyappa and Nagaratna were married for 10 years.

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