Bengaluru shocker: Skeletal remains of woman found hanging from tree

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The skeleton was found in Akshay Nagar area in Hulimavu.

BENGALURU: In a shocking case in the city, the skeletal remains of a woman were found hanging from a tree behind a Chicken County Restaurant at Akshay Nagar in Hulimavu area. It is suspected that the woman had hung herself from the branch of a tree 6-7 months ago and the police found skeletal remains, a pair of women’s footwear and torn clothes at the site.

The Nepali woman’s skeleton was found on the tree.

Shockingly, the body had remained unnoticed for months. Though the vacant land behind a row of apartments is deserted, some shepherds and cowherds bring their sheep and cattle for grazing. Also, some youths play cricket in the vacant land. The police came to know about the skeleton after an unidentified person informed them on phone on Thursday.

The police are unsure if it is a case of suicide or murder and have also not been able to establish the identity of the deceased person. Going by the state of decomposition of the body, they suspect it to be at least 6-7 months old.

The tree is on vacant land behind a row of apartments and had remained unnoticed for months.

The Hulimavu police have now sent the skeletal remains to the forensic lab for DNA tests and are awaiting medical reports. The police will now have to establish whether it was suicide or murder. For this, they are now poring over all missing person’s complaints filed over the last six months.

Deputy Commissioner C K Baba said the skeleton was found behind the Hiranandani apartment complex in Hulimavu. “The vacant land is about13-15 acres with a lot of shrubs and trees. There was a necklace in the neck region of the skull from where the woman was hanging and there were some other items like footwear, clothes, etc., nearby. From the articles that were found, we started matching it against cases of missing persons since the last one year”.

Police Commissioner Pratap Reddy, DCP C K Baba with the Hulimavu police personnel who cracked the case.

“On July 8 last year, a case was registered at Hulimavu police station regarding a woman going missing. She was the wife of a Nepali labourer. They had got married two years ago and had a child. The couple had domestic disputes often and the woman had left home on a few occasions too. After she went missing the last time, a missing person’s case was registered. We hadn’t found the body then and after the skeleton was found, we connnected the dots”, the DCP added.

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