Bengaluru police chief goes on night patrol, promises to strengthen 112 emergency response system

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Police Commissioner B Dayananda on patrol in a Hoysala vehicle.

BENGALURU: Newly appointed Bengaluru city police commissioner B Dayananda on Saturday said he himself performed patrolling duty in a Hoysala vehicle to gain first-hand knowledge of the working of the 112 emergency response system. Dayananda took charge as Bengaluru city police commissioner from C H Pratap Reddy on Wednesday, June 7.

“Performed patrolling during busy hours in hoysala patrol vehicle to have first hand knowledge of the functioning of Namma 112 Emergency Response System. Gained good insight on the working of the system”, the police chief said in a tweet.

“Besides me all the other supervisory officers ACPs DCPs and Addl CPs also were on patrolling in hoysala vehicles. Their feedback has also been taken and measures to strengthen existing Namma 112 will be taken up in the coming days”, he added in another tweet from the official handle of the Bengaluru police commissioner.

In his first press conference after taking charge, Dayananda had said, “Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city. I am grateful to the government for allowing me to work as the police commissioner of the city. People have faith in the police department. I will work towards maintaining their faith. I was born and brought up in Bengaluru. I feel proud to say that I am a Bengalurean”.

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