Bengaluru police ban Ganesha idol procession celebrations after violence

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Bengaluru witnessed violence in some parts during Ganesha idol immersion processions.

BENGALURU: The Bengaluru city police have decided not to allow Ganesha idol immersion processions and DJ dances across the city after a series of incidents, including riots, were reported during the Ganesha festival in the state capital. An order in this regard was issued by the Police Commissioner B Dayananda following the reports of incidents of violence in Bengaluru city.

The police commissioner has directed all the police stations in the city not to allow Ganesha processions from now on. He said that if Ganesha idols are taken out in procession, or if there is a commotion despite the refusal of permission by the police, the inspector of the respective police station will be held responsible.

No permission will be given for installing Ganesha idols, taking out processions with DJ music.

Reportedly, during the Ganesha procession, there was commotion in many parts of the city. There were clashes in many places including Halasur, Yediyur and Adugodi areas. A man, identified as Srinivas, was allegedly stabbed to death by a group of people after an argument over dancing during Ganesha idol immersion procession in Adugodi area. A goat was also killed during the Ganesha procession.

Even though the festival is over, the police department have decided not to grant permission for the installation of Ganesha idols and the procession across the city in view of the clashes and the alleged killing of the man. According to officials, 450 Ganapati idols have been installed across the city.

Meanwhile, a large number of applications have been submitted seeking permission for the installation of Ganesha idol and for taking out immersion processions. More than 200 people have written a letter asking for permission for Ganesha’s procession. (ANI)

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