Bengaluru City University awards identical marks to 1st sem BCom students

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BENGALURU: In yet another goof-up, which could jeopardise the academic future, many first-semester BCom students of Bengaluru City University have been awarded identical marks which is below the passing marks, while the results of several others have not even been announced.

Discrepancies were found in the results of other subjects as well as the marks were found to be significantly reduced. The students claimed that if they ask the university staff about the revaluation, they give evasive replies. “How do we tell our parents what has happened? The university has purposefully failed us for money”, some of the affected students said and sought justice.

Lokesh Ram, a student organisation leader

“It’s been six months since the results were announced at Bengaluru City University. However, many students received single-digit marks. If a student appears for the exam for minimum marks, his score will be more than 35 or 40. The students have received a single-digit mark here and it shows that the lecturers have not evaluated the papers properly. Even photocopies are not being provided. This concerns the student’s future. If it’s one or two cases, we can say it could be a mistake, but here, 90 per cent of students face the same problem. We want justice”, said Lokesh Ram, a student organisation leader.

Pooja, one of the affected students of Bengaluru City University.

“When we went and asked about the discrepancy, they said if you trust yourself, then apply for the photocopy. I strongly believe I have written well and have scored good marks. But they have failed me in four subjects. We can’t even tell our parents about these issues. When I asked for the copy, they did not respond properly. They have given a identical single digital marks to many”, said Pooja, one of the affected students of Bengaluru City University.

Roja, another affected students of Bengaluru City University.

“The university announced first announced the results in December, saying that some students got the results and some did not. But, when asked, they said that they will update it soon. For the second time, they announced results in February, and some people did not get their results. But they have failed the students in four subjects, including languages. We have applied for photocopies, but we have not gotten anything. Around 90 per cent of students have been failed”, said Roja, another of the affected students of Bengaluru City University.

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