Bengaluru Auto Sene raises money, organises wedding of visually impaired couple

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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BENGALURU: An autorickshaw drivers’ organisation in the city brought together a visually impaired couple by organising their wedding on Friday.

Manjunath and Deviramma were blind from birth and grew up in Ganayogi Hostel in Kolar. Manjunath studied at a college for the blind and Deviramma worked in the garment industry. The couple fell in love and were in a relationship, but they had no parents or relatives to help them get married. A woman autorickshaw driver, Rani, of Bengaluru Auto Sene came to know of this and immediately brought it to the attention of the organisation.

More than 400 autorickshaw drivers participated in the marriage of the couple.

The autorickshaw drivers of the organisation pooled in money for the marriage and organised it according to traditions with a turmeric horn, 3 gm gold thali, anklets, saree and traditional clothes for the groom. More than 400 autorickshaw drivers participated in the marriage held at Vinayaka Temple at Akshyanagar in Begur as the couple entered their new life.

Chethan, the president of Bengaluru Autorckshaw Sene.

“We organised the wedding for the couple as they had financial difficulties and had no other relatives. All the organisation members contributed for the marriage and we blessed them by taking part in it. I ask everyone to help and be kind to others”, said Chethan, president of Bengaluru Autorickshaw Sene.

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