Bengaluru police arrest man who cheated 250 people through matrimonial sites

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BENGALURU: The city police have arrested a man, who was cheating parents on the lookout for grooms on matrimonial sites. The accused has been identified as Naresh Puri Goswami alias Pawan Agarwal, a resident of Rajajinagar.

Goswami had using a fake identity as Pawan Agrawal on matrimonial sites and has allegedly cheated more than 250 people by promising that he likes their daughter and that he will marry them. The fraud came to light while investigating a couple from Tamil Nadu in a fraud case.

Recently, a couple from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, were looking for a suitable groom in matrimony for their daughter’s second marriage. At this time, the accused, Pawan Agarwal, came to the scene. He was using a fake name and introduced himself as a Customs officer at the airport. He had told them that he liked their daughter and was ready to marry her. The parents, believing Pawan’s words, came to Bengaluru by train to meet him.

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After reaching Majestic railway station, they called Pawan, but he had said he had some work near his house. He said that instead of him, his uncle would come pick them up. Accordingly, a man came to Majestic railway station. As soon as he reached there, Pawan called again and said that his uncle had forgotten his wallet to book tickets. So, he asked the couple to give Rs 10,000 to give his uncle, and promised to return it when they reached home. The Coimbatore couple blindly believed Pawan’s words and gave Rs 10,000 to an unidentified person who claimed to be Pawan’s uncle.

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The person who received the money went away saying that he would return after booking the tickets, but never came back. Surprised by this, the couple called Pawan and the fake uncle, but both phone numbers were switched off. Later, they went to a relative’s house and informed him about the incident. They lodged a complaint with the city railway station police station and returned to Coimbatore.

The police registered a case in this connection and arrested the accused Naresh Goswami. When he was questioned, it came to light he had cheated 250 people in similar fashion.

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