BBMP plans to remove park fencing to curb illegal activities; citizens cry foul

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BENGALURU: The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has planned to remove fencing from many parks in the city. This, it feels, will help curb illegal activities that go on behind the fence. There are 480 parks in the city under the BBMP.

The BBMP received many complaints from the public about the illegal activities behind the fence.

The corporation has received many complaints from the public that parks have become hubs for illegal activities. Following this, the Palike now says the granite benches and the park will be guarded by private security guards, huge lights and CCTV surveillance will be installed.

However, this move has come in for much criticism from citizen, who have raised concerns about parking of vehicles in park areas and encroachment, which, they feel, will become a bigger problem later on .

BBMP Chief Engineer B S Prahalad

“We installed fencing in the park, but we received a lot of complaints that illegal activities are going on behind the fences. We have planned to convert these parks into public spaces. We have planned to install lights and CCTV cameras and also deploy a private security guard. We want to use the space and provide good parks to the public”, said BBMP Chief Engineer B S Prahalad.

Amaresh, a citizen of Bengaluru.

“Fences are mainly put up to mark the boundary. Without fencing, encroachment will become easy. If they are concerned about the illegal activities, they should find other ways to deal with it. There are more pressing issues in the city and the BBMP should focus on those”, said Amaresh, a citizen.

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