BBMP comes up with new guidelines for axing trees

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BENGALURU: Many old trees in the city pose danger for motorists and two-wheeler riders, especially in the rainy and windy seasons. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has received many complaints seeking clearing of trees and branches.

In the light of  the complaints, the city corporation has reported to the High Court that it has drafted a SOP for the removal of dangerous trees. B L Swamy, Forest officer of the BBMP said, Bengaluru has a less tree cover, but at the same time, at least 200 applications are received daily to cut the trees.

In the meantime, a Bengaluru resident went to court, claiming that the trees were not removed even after a petition was submitted. So, the High Court has directed the BBMP to draw up fresh SOPs and clear the trees. Many people have also complained that they are facing parking issues. In the light of this, the BBMP has issued new rules on clearing of trees.

1. If there is a tree leaning on a house, building or apartment, the site owner where the tree has grown should cut it down.
2. If citizens clear trees in front of their house, they should plant another sapling. 
3. In case of a traffic problem or a tree falling on any electric pole, it can be removed.
4. If an application for tree removal is received, officials will visit the place and then remove the tree only if there is a problem.
5. During monsoon, if 90 pc of the leaves have fallen, the tree should be removed to avoid danger.
6. A healthy tree is not to be cut for construction purposes.
7. If the authorities have to remove a tree, they should mention the reason on the portal before axing them.

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