BBMP claims all potholes filled in 7 of the 8 zones, but citizens beg to differ

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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BBMP is all set announcing free potholes zones.

BENGALURU: Over the last couple months, potholes on the city’s roads have become a hot topic for debate among the public. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), which had come in for a lot of flak, has now claimed that seven of the eight zones are pothole-free and has even thrown a public challenge.

But a reality check by Public TV revealed that the BBMP’s claims were only bluster. Potholes still abound on major roads in several parts of the city, exposing the civic body. There are 10-15 potholes in a 50-metre stretch near the Indian Institute of Science and the story is the same in all the zones.

The Palike has claimed that there are no potholes in seven of the eight zones. According to a survey report presented by the BBMP officials, a total of 35,935 potholes were identified earlier almost all have been filled and only 251 potholes remain to be filled up in Dasarahalli zone.

A huge pothole in the West zone, poses a danger to motorists.

Ravindra, BBMP Special Commissioner, is overseeing the pending pothole filling work before announcing a pothole-free city. He claimed that seven zones are free from potholes, except Dasarahalli.

The condition of roads in Yelahanka, which sees heavy traffic, is pathetic.

“The BBMP engineers have completed the pothole filling works in all zones. The South Zone Commissioner had announced that the zone is free of potholes. About 99 per cent of the works have been done in most of the zones, and we will go through the performance before declaration”, Ravindra said.

BBMP Special Commissioner Ravindra says seven of the eight zones in the city are pothole-free.

Palike Chief Engineer B S Prahalad said, “We have completed 324 metres-long stretch under rapid road work in three days and are giving it finishing touches. We had asked our engineers to complete the work and get the completion certificate before the November 19 deadline. We are working on fixing problems related to water leakage at certain points.”

The BBMP Chief Engineer said the engineers are completing the work on fixing water leakage points.

Many questions are now being raised about BBMP’s claims. The government spends crores on public infrastructure facilities, but all of it seems to be going down the drain, citizens rue.

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