Basavadi Sharana’s dream of building casteless society possible by sharanas: CM Siddaramaiah

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KUDALA SANGAMA: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah said that Basavadi Sharana’s dream to build a casteless society is possible by the sharanas. Sharana means one who is free of caste.

He was speaking after inaugurating the 37th Sharana Mela organised at Kudala Sangama as part of Lingayat Dharma Foundation Day.
Sharana Mela means a gathering of people who are free from caste.

“The Basavadi Sharanas made a social revolution in the 12th century. Our immobile caste system and social system were shaped by vested interests. God did not create this.

The Chaturvarna system was created to instill inequality and keep the masses away from education. Basavadi Sharana’s Vachana Movement abolished the Karma Siddhanta and superstitions. Basavanna completely rejected the theory of karma and rebirth”, the CM said.

“Basavadi Sharanas said that Ayya means heaven and Elavo means hell. Basavadi Sharanas was opposed to discrimination in the name of religion. Therefore Basavanna said Iva Nammava. Iva nammava which held the greatest value, 800 years ago,” he said adding that the caste system should be abolished only by sharanas.

Siddaramaiah said that those communities which remained backward due to their caste must be economically empowered. Only those who are not affected by caste, class and status are true sharanas.

“There are very few people with vested interests. But they are strong. However, the majority are the victims of exploitation and oppression”, he said adding that the oppressed should be united.

Mategangadevi, President of Basavadharma Peetha Srimanniranjana Maha Jagadguru, Vice President of Peetha Mahadeshwara Swamiji, Hunagunda MLA Sharan Vijayananda Kashappanavar presided over the programme held in the divine presence of Basavayogi Swamiji of Vishwakalyan Mission, Kumbalgod.

Minister Bairati Suresh, Thimmapura, MLA M.Narendra Swamy, HY Methi, Raghavendra Hitnal, many prominent people were present. (ANI)

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