Australian woman arrested for vandalising pro-Palestinian posters in Kochi

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Public TV English
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ERNAKULAM: A Jewish Australian woman, travelling to Kerala, was arrested for vandalising pro-Palestinian posters in Jangar area of Fort Kochi, Ernakulam, on Wednesday.

The footage was circulated on social media, showing the Jewish woman, on a tourist visa, standing next to torn pro-Palestinian posters. Later, Fort Kochi police registered a case against her on Monday after the footage went viral.

The case is based on acts of spreading hatred between two groups. She destroyed two boards set up by the Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), a student organisation.

When the locals questioned this, an argument ensued. Following this, a complaint was filed with the police, demanding that a case be registered against her action. It is alleged that the police were not ready to take action against them initially. Later, the police intervened when the locals found out about the incident.

However, earlier, it is alleged that despite filing a complaint with evidence, no case was filed against the woman. A protest was organised in front of Fort Kochi Police Station under the leadership of SIO. The police allowed the accused to leave the station without filing a case. However, the SIO workers and locals stopped them from doing so. (ANI)

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