Atrocity case booked against Hindu activist Puneeth Kerehalli

Public TV English
Public TV English
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BENGALURU: Leader of the Rashtra Rakshana Pade, Puneeth Kerehalli, has been arrested by the Sampigehalli police on the charges of atrocity.

Bhyrappa Harish Kumar, the leader of the Ranadheera Pade, filed an atrocity complaint at the Sampigehalli police station against Puneeth over a Facebook post, alleging that the latter insulting him with abusive words and also held out threaths. Harishkumar had mentioned in the complaint that Puneeth had shared a poster on Facebook, warning the public should be careful about a person with a criminal background.

Puneeth is already facing cases for various charges at different police stations. He was arrested in a murder case and the police have submitted a charge sheet to the court after investigation.

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