Arrested Hindu activist Chaitra Kundapur rushed to hospital after falling unconscious at CCB office

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Chaitra Kundapur was rushed to hospital after she was found unconscious in the washroom at the CCB office.

BENGALURU: Hindu activist Chaitra Kundapur, who has been arrested on complaint by businessman Govinda Babu Poojary for allegedly cheating him of Rs 5 crore, fell unconscious inside the office of the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police on Friday.

Chaitra Kundapur was brought to the CCB office from the women’s helpline centre in the morning.

Chaitra was immediately shifted to the Victoria Hospital by the police. She reportedly lost consciousness half an hour after she was brought back to the CCB office from the women’s helpline centre where she had spent the night. She had gone to use the washroom in the women’s protection wing, and when she did not come out for long, the police checked on her and found her unconscious.

Chaitra was rushed to Victoria Hospital by the police.

It is said that Chaitra had refused dinner and did not have breakfast too. Doctors at Victoria Hospital too said that she may have fallen unconscious as she had not eaten anything. They took her blood samples for test and said that her blood pressure and pulse rate were normal.

Dr Aseema Banu of Victoria Hospital briefing the media about Chaitra’s health status.

Dr Aseema Banu said Chaitra’s CT scan, ECG were all stable and other parameters were normal. Her urine and vomit samples, along with the froth in her mouth were also taken for tests. “She is being treated in the ICU and her present condition is stable. All specialists are attending to her”, she added. The doctors were also consulting psychologists and had kept Chaitra in the trauma care centre.

Balaji Pai of the trauma care centre said Chaitra was unconscious when she was brought to the hospital and treatment was immediately started. “Her friends said that she had suffered seizures earlier. She has regained consciousness and is being kept in the ICU. We will shift her to the custodial ward later. We have asked her family members to come. The reports of the various tests are expected only tomorrow”, he said.

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