Apple: Innovative ends concealment clauses in employee contracts

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LOS ANGELES: Tech giant Apple has recently taken steps to make workplaces more employee-friendly.

According to a report by US-based tech portal, The Verge, the company shall not restrict employees from speaking out on discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

The decision was taken after an independent review of the multinational company’s Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) which lacked mention of language surrounding the discussion of working situations.

Apple released a note titled “Our Commitment to an Open and Collaborative Workplace,”, which says, “our commitment to a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment is backed by a comprehensive policy that forbids harassment and discrimination.

We believe open and honest communication among team members, managers, and leaders helps create a collaborative culture where everyone can contribute, grow, and succeed.”

“Our policies are clear that employees have the right to speak freely about their workplace conditions, including harassment and discrimination, and we offer a range of resources for employees to address questions and report concerns,” the company added.

As per The Verge, the company already includes language from the Silenced No More Act of California in separation agreements for employees across the US.

Apple’s concealment clauses came under fire after Cher Scarlett, a former engineer at the tech company left and accused it of engaging “in coercive and suppressive activity that has enabled abuse and harassment of organizers of protected concerted activity.”

This was followed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission getting involved in the investigation of the tech giant’s NDAs.

As per a tweet by Nia Impact Capital, the end of concealment clauses also applies to contract employees. (ANI)

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