‘Anti-Modi wave has increased across the country during LS polls’: CM Siddaramaiah

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DAVANAGERE: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah took a dig at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday and said that party’s defeat is certain, claiming that the party has itself recognised that the anti-BJP wave has become strong in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was speaking in the Prajadhwani-2 programme at Davanagere in support of party candidate Prabha Mallikarjuna on Sunday.

“The BJP’s 25 MPs never questioned the injustice done to the state. Therefore many of their MPs have been abandoned by the BJP itself. The BJP is aware that its MPs will not win, hence it has dropped many people this time”, he said.

The Chief Minister further said that the Congress government keeps its promises and that several guarantees have been fulfilled by the party in the state.

“The Congress government is a government that fulfils its promises. We have implemented five guarantees within 8 months as promised. Annabhagya, Griha Jyothi, Grilahakshmi, Yuvanidhi and Shakti schemes have been praised by the people. The Congress has given pro-people schemes like Annabhagya, Ksheerabhagya, Indira Canteen, Shoe Bhagya, and the Shadi Bhagya”, he said.

Adding further, he said that the drinking water project in the Harihar area and the lift irrigation project to provide water to an area of about 5 thousand hectares will be launched after the elections.

Taking a dig at the Prime Minister Modi-led BJP government, the CM said, “The BJP has been doing things to pit castes and religions against each other. They have neglected the welfare of the people by doing politics of hatred. PM Modi has told a big lie that the Congress will give reservations of Dalits and backward to Muslims. I have never seen a Prime Minister speak lies on this scale”.

“PM Modi is doing the work of pitting Dalits, minorities, backwards against Muslims. The Congress said that if we come to power we will increase the overall reservation rate, but have never said that we would take away one’s reservation and give it to another”, said CM Siddaramaiah.

Alleging the BJP and RSS for not supporting reservations, Siddaramaiah said that the BJP and RSS have no morals to talk about reservations.

“The BJP opposed bringing reservation according to the Mandal commission report, in higher educational institutions. The BJP had opposed giving reservation to women, Dalits and backward classes in Mandal Panchayats and Municipalities. But the Supreme Court upheld the grant of reservation,” said the CM while criticising that PM Modi talks about Sab ka Saath, and Sab ka Vikas only during the elections.”

The Chief Minister further exuded confidence and said that the victory of the Congress party’s candidate is as true as the Sun rising in the east. “As long as our government exists, the aspirations of the people will be fulfilled. The victory of our party’s candidate is as true as the sun rising in the east. Vinay Kumar stands as an independent candidate just to cause trouble for us. He won’t win. Niranjananandapuri Swami of Kanaka Gurpeeth and I spoke to Vinay Kumar and advised him not to contest, he agreed but is now contesting the elections,” said the Chief Minister.

The CM further appealed to people to vote for the Congress candidate and said that a vote for the party is a vote for Siddaramaiah and urged the public to give him strength. (ANI)

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