Another hit-and-drag: B’luru woman drives car with man on bonnet for 3 km

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Darshan hanging on to the bonnet as Priyanka drove around.

BENGALURU: In yet another shocker, a woman car driver dragged another motorist on the bonnet of her vehicle for about 2 km near Mangalore Independent PU College in Ullal under Jnanabharati police limits around 10.50 am on Friday.

This comes just days after a 22-year-old youth dragged a 71-year-old man on his scooter for about 2 km after banging into the latter’s parked MUV on Magadi Road.

The woman, who was driving a Tata Nexon SUV, allegedly hit another car and when he questioned her about it, she showed him the middle finger and tried to flee. The driver of the other car then attempted to stop her by standing in front of the SUV, but she hit the accelerator, dragging him along on the bonnet.

Footage from CCTV camera show Darshan being dragged on the bonnet.

On seeing the plight of the man, who was hanging precariously, locals gave the car a chase and got the driver to stop. They even damaged the windshields of the car, thrashed the occupants and took them to the police station.

The mother of the two-wheeler rider, identified as Darshan (27), told Public TV, “The woman should have been aware of what risk it can pose to life, driving around with a man on the bonnet of ther car. She should have stopped and taken up the issue with the police. Who would be responsible if something untoward happened? My son was on the way to open our shop when this happened. Some locals told me that the occupants of the car got into a fight with my son over some minor issue”.

The mother of the two-wheeler rider Darshan said the car driver should have reported the issue to the police.

As per records, the car, bearing registration number KA 03 NK 1012, is registered in the name of Priyanka S R. The police have arrested five people, including the woman, her husband Pramod, Darshan and three of his friends.

Giving details about the incident, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Lakshman Nimbargi said, “Around 10.30 am, Priyanka’s SUV and Darshan’s car came face to face at Ullal junction and both vehicles got stuck. The occupants of both vehicles got into a verbal duel and the woman driver of the SUV made an obscene gesture. She moved ahead, but Darshan followed her in his car and blocked her near Mangalore College. He then summoned his friends and they started questioning the SUV occupants about their behaviour”.

Darshan’s car and Priyanka’s SUV have been seized.

“The couple in the SUV also called their friend Nitesh to the spot and the husband Pramod called the emergency number 112. A Hoysala patrol vehicle reached there in 15 minutes. By then, some locals known to Darshan had gathered there and were banging the windows demanding the SUV occupants to get out. When the Hoysala vehicle arrived on the scene, they summoned both parties to the police station”, he noted.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Lakshman Nimbargi briefing the media about the incident.

“Thinking that the SUV occupants were trying to escape, Darshan stood in front of the vehicle, but the woman drove on recklessly, with Darshan clinging on to the bonnet for almost 2.5-3 km. When the vehicle came around near the college again, locals blocked the SUV and Darshan’s friends smashed the windshields and windows. Both parties have lodged complaints against each other and all five people have been arrested.

Darshan (left) and his friends Yashwanth, Vinay and Sujan; (below) The couple Pramod and Priyanka.

“Based on Darshan’s complaint we have registered a case for rash driving and attempt to murder (IPC Sec 307). Based on Priyanka’s complaint, we have registered a case under Sec 354 (Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty). Further investigation is on”, the DCP added.

Darshan, while being brought to the police station, told the media, “There was a small scratch which she made a big issue. She could have killed me by what she did”.

Santosh, an eyewitness said they managed to get a truck to block the road to stop the SUV.

Santosh, an eyewitness said, “I was on the way to a bank when I saw the man hanging on the bonnet, holding on to the wiper blades. He screamed for help, we tried to block the vehicle 3-4 times, but she almost ran over us. She even drove fast over speedbreakers to that the man would fall, Finally, we got a truck to block the road and stopped the SUV.

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