Anjali murder accused should be left to die, says her sister

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Murder victim Anjali Ambigera's sister Yadhoda vented out her anger.

HUBBALLI: The accused in the Anjali Ambigera murder, Girish a.k.a. Vishwa should be let to die, said an angry Yashoda, the victim’s sister. “Why have they admitted him in hospital? Just like my sister bled to death, he should die too”, she said, venting her outrage.

Anjali Ambigera was brutally murdered by Girish alias Vishwa inside her house in the early hours on Wednesday.

Further, Yashoda claimed that Anjali was not in any sort of relationship with Girish. “After killing her, he’s now lying about the relationship. He attacked a woman on a train, so what is the relationship there? Whey did he attack her? It only shows his state of mind and my sister became a victim to it”, she said.

The house in Yellapur Oni where Girish’s mother lives.

Meanwhile, Girish’s mother Savitha, who lives in alone in a rented house at Yellapur Oni, is facing pressure from local to move out. Savitha works at a hotel to make a living and Girish occasionally visited her.

Residents of Yellapur Oni say Girish visited his mother occasionally.

After local residents came to know about his involvement in theft cases, they thought of asking Savitha to move out, but as she was living by herself, they didn’t pursue the matter. After the Anjali murder case, the house owner Savithri said they informed Savitha on Thursday to move out.

Some other locals said, “If the Neha Hiremath murder accused had been shot, the Anjali murder would perhaps not have happened. Vishwa should also be eliminated in an encounter”, they insisted.

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