Andhra farmer claims he earned Rs 3 crore by selling tomatoes in Chittoor

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Public TV English
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CHITOOR: Amid the soaring prices of tomatoes in the country, a farmer of Chitoor district has claimed that he has become crorepati and earned Rs 3 crores after selling the fruit.

Chandramouli, a farmer from Karakamanda village, Chittoor district claimed that he has earned an income of Rs 3 crores after cultivating tomatoes in 22 acres of the field.

Farmer claimed that Rs 3 crore was the net income earned by him as Rs 20 lakh went into commission with Rs 10 lakhs being spent in transportation and other expenditure.

Realizing that the crop coming after the summer would fetch a good price, the family tasted the losses of the tomato crop multiple times and yet opted to cultivate the same crop again.

Farmer claimed that Sahu variety of tomato were planted in 22 acres on April 7. Mulching and micro-irrigation methods were followed in the cutting system. The yield started at the end of June. The production was sold in the Kolar market in Karnataka, which is close to the district. In the auction, the price of a 15 kg box was between Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 and around 40,000 boxes have been sold.

Amid a sharp spurt in tomato prices across the country, the agencies — NCCF and NAFED – had commenced the procurement of tomatoes from mandis in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra for simultaneous disposal in major consumption centres where retail prices have recorded maximum increase in last one month.

The government attributed the rise in prices to the monsoon season, saying that it added to further challenges related to distribution and increased transit losses. (ANI)

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