Amid speculation of MLAs breaking away, Yediyurappa says no one will leave party

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Senior BJP leader B S Yediyurappa, along with other party leaders, addressing the media on Friday evening.

BENGALURU: Former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader B S Yediyurappa assured that no one will leave the party and all the BJP MLAs are  with the party.

“No one will leave the party, all are intact with us. There are one or two people and we have spoken to them also. I believe no one will leave the party”, Yediyurappa said. This comes amid speculations of a few BJP MLAs likely to shift back to the Congress.

In an attack on the Congress government, the former CM said, “The state government in Karnataka is floating in corruption, we have discussed the same in the meeting today.”

Yediyurappa said that on August 23, more than five to six thousand people will stage a protest to make the people aware of corruption in the state.

Accusing the Siddaramaiah government of running a transfer racket in the state, Yediyurappa said, “There is a transfer racket happening, officials are being instructed to give a certain amount of money every month”.

Further attacking the state government, the senior BJP leader said, “It is a kind of a dictatorship government, they are threatening the media and the social media cell of the BJP and harassing them. Ahead of the BBMP election, they are bifurcating the civic body according to their whims and fancies”.

The former CM accused the state government of stopping all development work. “Development work stopped completely…This government has become bankrupt, they are not releasing funds and no work is happening. I am asking the CM and Deputy CM to show me whether any road work is happening. They are busy with corruption, that is why we have decided to protest”, Yediyurappa said.

Speaking about the protest by the BJP against the Siddaramaiah government, Yediyurappa said, “We gave them time, it’s over now. We’ll keep protesting”. (ANI)

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