All should raise voice against injustice, state govt should stop water to TN: CT Ravi

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MANDYA: Launching a stinging attack on the state government, BJP leader C T Ravi on Saturday said, “If you don’t raise your voice against the injustice that is happening to Karnataka, it is like you are dead, though alive”.

Taking part in the Cauvery protest in Mandya, Ravi said, “We feel that those fighting for their rights over water will not be treated unfairly by this government. The Congress government in the state did not convince the Supreme Court or the CWMA about the ground reality in the state”.

Pointing out that the state government released Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu before the Supreme Court gave its decision, Ravi asked, “Why did they do that? It is not only the people of Mandya who have to fight but the people of Bengaluru should also extend support. I don’t know whether the government is being helplessness before public or whether they are taking revenge against the people of Bengaluru. But, in the end, the government is sacrificing farmers for political relations”, he added.

“One should not have arrogance when in power and not be like a goon. The people of this country have taught lessons to those who have shown arrogance”, he said. He insisted that the government should take a firm decision to stop releasing water to Tamil Nadu and added, “We will be with you, whatever it happens”.

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